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Julián Raúl Reyes Cabodevilla from Havana, Cuba, approached electronic music at age 11, listening to The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers, at age 15 he takes mixing and production classes that are already moving in this world as a promoter of events and playing as a guest DJ. at different relevant festivals in his country despite his young age and experience. Defining his artistic personality with the alias Fity, in 2016 he founded the Rave electronic music event of different parties with the aim of expanding the underground rave culture and achieving a movement to share and unify ideas. In 2018 he released Ep Subtance on Conic Records where he collaborated with Le Brion (United States), he is also a member of a project called (Subterraneas) and is part of the Resident Advisor catalog. In his sets, he mixes current and old school sounds, always strong and deep, always trying to have a dynamic evolution of his musical identity with intense and diverse sounds, notably influenced by elements of industrial techno, EBM, Hard Dance, Heavy Metal , Punk, Trance, Acid, etc.


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